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Card Game Report Introduction

I play card games with friends and family most weekends. I like just about any type of game, but I’ve been playing with cards a lot in the last year. Many of these are the “dedicated deck” card games where the deck is designed specific for whatever rules you’re playing with. Examples include Illuminati, Chez Geek, and San Juan.

I haven’t ever noticed many of these titles having quick and easy rule guides online, so I decided to select a few of my favorite dedicated deck games and write my own little guide for each. I probably won’t write about too many, but I wanted to teach others how to play my favorites.

What I Won’t Write About

Zombie Fluxx Card Game Report

Zombie Fluxx Is a Game I’ll Discuss

I won’t write about games like go fish, bridge, poker, rummy, and spades. I like playing these, but you can find rules, strategy, and tips anywhere for most of these.

Also, they don’t fit my description, because they usually use the Hoyle card deck for play. I want those newer games designed in my lifetime, the ones played by cool 21st century geeks and nerds.

These are the games I hope to write reports for by the time I’m finished:

Cosmic Encounter
Sentinels of the Multiverse
San Juan
Chez Geek
Summoner Wars
Lord of the Rings
Call of Cthulhu

These are some of my favorites. I’m probably forgetting some other ones, but these should be a good start. Wish me luck.

I don’t know if these are going to be detailed enough for experts and sticklers. What I hope is a series of guides that are at the book report level–good enough to get you started but not good enough for full professors of the game. 🙂

Love of Card Games

I want to credit my grandmother for providing a love of card games. Besides instilling in me a love of sports viewing, she was the one who got me started with card games. We played these games from the time I would read (or before) and she always let me win. Now, I play slightly different games than Go Fish and Uno, but I still have a love of sitting around the table and enjoying an afternoon or evening in competitive squabbles with friends. Maybe we get more contentious now than before, but the spirit of competition she bred into me remains. So full credit goes to her.

I hope the people who read this site have the same passion for gaming I do. If you don’t have that deep abiding love, maybe you’ll learn something from what I have to say on here. You learn a lot about personalities and friendship when you see a person’s reaction to wins and losses, I think. So learn the rules, apply the rules fairly, and beat the senses out of your BFF at your game of choice (but only in a figurative sense).

Whether you enjoy personal resource allocation games like Bankruptcy and Puerto Rico where finance is more important than war or the games like Sentinels of the Multiverse or Cosmic Encounter where cleverness and toughness rules through constant fighting, I’ll try to give you rules to some cool game choices. I like the economic games most (and still want someone to teach me Settlers of Catan), but I don’t mind personal combat when I want to take my aggression out on people. Grrr!

So with that big introduction, why don’t I end talking about myself and start talking about the best card games ever.

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